Learn Your Rights When It Comes To Child Support Payments After Divorce

After years of marriage and months of divorce wrangling, there’s still the issue of your children. So many questions surround your young ones as a marriage falls apart. Who will get custody and where will they live? Will I be paying child support? Can I even afford to pay child support? When will I be able to visit my children? These are just a few thoughts that rush through a parent’s mind as they prepare to bid a fond farewell to their former spouse but a much more reluctant goodbye to the kids. According to Melissa Potter Sanford, child support plays an important role in the upbringing of your offspring. Below, the skilled family law attorney breaks down the purpose of such payments in hopes of demystifying the process.

Ask any parent: It costs a decent amount of money to raise a kid. After a divorce, that leaves one parent with kids under their roof and the other still shouldering the responsibility of helping to cover the cost of their upbringing. Typically, the amount of a child support payment varies by state and is determined by a court. In this department, enlisting the skills of Melissa Sanford attorney will help get you through the process and arrive at a fair equitable ending. Still, it’s important to recognize that the money you’re providing to your former spouse is going to a good cause. Your child needs clothes, food and a place to live. If your marriage had still been going on, you’d still be paying to cover these costs.

It’s also crucial to stay current on your child support payments. The term “deadbeat dad” hung around your neck is a troublesome stigma to lose. Crying poor isn’t going to work in most cases and the recipient of your payments (or lack of, in this case) can take you into court to find another way to make you pay. That includes wage garnishment or suspension of your driver’s license, in some instances. If you expect to soon need the services of a family law attorney, trust Melissa Potter Sanford to best advise you.